Sunday, January 9, 2011


I woke up this morning with great plans.

Okay, great as in "huge" not "super-de-duper".  I was going to take down my tree, mostly.  Clean the bejesus out of my kitchen.  Cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Wipe some things of my DVR.  Do laundry.  Some grocery shopping.  I had a full day planned.

And then...I woke up.  Perhaps I should say I was no longer awake.  I felt like I had a miniature man behind my eyelids pounding away with a sledgehammer.

Aw, crap.  A migraine.

I stumbled into the bathroom (because anymore movement would have caused me to be physically ill).  I fished out what I hoped was Excedrin and Advil.  I looked in the mirror.  And my eyes were bloodshot.  I'm talking Natalie Portman in Black Swan red.

Fabulous.  I look like I had a really good time last night.

Honestly, though...those eyes are RED
Which I did - if you count eating a bag of popcorn and falling asleep before SNL even began.

But, I digress.  I choked down the pills and found my way back to bed.  Desperately wishing that this migraine would either miraculously go away OR my head would just explode and end the agony.  Either one would be an acceptable remedy.

I shove my head under my pillow to block out any cracks of light (thanks for that, Venetian blinds) and pray to the heavens that my noisy downstairs neighbors do not start a fight - again - or start blaring techno music.

Luckily, it passed by the time I woke up at 12:30.

And, yes.  My tree is still up.


  1. I know! Get some red contacts and put 'em in. Do the full Black Swan eye makeup. Stomp downstairs and knock on their door. I'll bet it'd stop those noisy neighbors in their tracks! It'd work even better if you could get your head to spin. Just a thought.

  2. Oh geeezzz...I have had way too many of those days! Maybe that "techno music" beat could have matched the pounding in your head! ok, maybe not! Have a good week. Susan