Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apartment Living: Things I Love

My alarm went off at 7:00 Monday morning.  Bleary eyed, I stumbled (probably would be wise to put my glasses on in the morning) around gathering clothes and towels and headed into the bathroom.  I reach in to turn on the water and wait a few moments for the water to heat up.  After what seems like an acceptable amount of time, I jump into the shower.

Apparently the hot water heater for the building had gone  blooey.  Yes sir, nothing like a freezing cold shower to wake you up in the morning.  I'm pretty sure The Flash couldn't have washed his hair faster than I did.
Okay, fine.  He might win a hair washing competition...

Shivering, and waiting for hypothermia to set in, I bundled up and got ready to call the management office before I remembered two VERY IMPORTANT things: 1) my phone is broken and 2) they aren't open yet (and, yes, it has escaped my attention that I could walk over there before work when they're open).

After getting dressed I realized that I did not have a hot water heater in my apartment that the whole building (or side of the building) shared one.  I prayed that somebody else would call.  Fortunately - somebody did. I discovered this when I came home from work and had hot water!

But the thing I am most thankful for?  If I owned my own home and the hot water heater went kaput - I would have to pay someone to take care of it.  And stay home.  And not get paid.  Which, really, is just adding insult to injury.  Nobody should have to start a Monday morning with an ice cold shower!

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  1. Love the humor. Truly enjoy your posts and wit. Funny how living on your own in an apartment definitely has its advantages, even with the minor problems haha.