Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Year


It's been just over a year since I started my blog.  And, hoo boy, have things changed.

And yet - not much has changed.

When I started my blog my car was in the shop and cost me $2000 to fix (a fun story I'll be sure to share with you) I was the sickest I'd been in years, and had the world's worst sinus infection.  I had only been in my apartment for 8 months, had Norma Jeane for 5 months, and was just beginning to get my feet under me.

Now, I am happy to report that my car is not in the shop (although it was for the whole month of July and part of August - another fun story), I am not sick, am quite happily settled into my apartment as is Norma Jeane, and feel quite comfortable with my life.

Hopefully in another year my update will be just as nice.  Except, I'll mention that I'm driving a super amazing new car....

Here's to another year!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French Manicure

I am not a high maintenance girl.  I'm very low maintenance, in fact I'm practically no maintenance.  Which definitely has it's benefits.  If push comes to shove I can get ready for work in under five minutes ( (and it often does since I only live 5 minutes from work).  Also - this comes in handy because where I work my hands and nails get dirty.  In case you guessed, yes I have a terribly glamorous job.

So, it's a little shock to me that I'm jealous of women with beautifully manicured nails.

While I was grocery shopping I decided to pick up a french manicure kit.  It was only $5 and I figured it was better than buying another thing of Nutella (man, oh man I could write an entire blog on the chocolate hazelnut goodness).

On my next day off I vegged out in front of Food Network and decided to paint my nails.  Then something happened that I can't quite explain.  There is no logical reason that shiny nails with white tips and sheer, pink polish should make me feel glamorous.  Girly.  Pretty.  But they DO.  I can't quit looking at them.  I'm sure my coworkers are sick of me admiring my nails.  I work with mostly men, for chrissakes, I get to feel pretty!

Who knows maybe this will inspire me to start doing my hair and wearing make-up.

Ha, made myself laugh there for a minute.

I can think of a bajillion better things to do with that time.

Like sleeping, for instance.

But I'm totally keeping the nails.