Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coping Mechanism

I have two strange ways of dealing with things.

1) If I'm stressed I'll look up planes that are leaving to go somewhere other than here that are leaving in about 2 hours.  I figure that gives me enough time to get to the airport and board the plane. I take it all the way up to actually entering in credit card information.

2) If I'm scared about something, I'll do something else that scares the living daylights out of me.

#2 has served me (and my friends/family) well.  It usually revolves around me whipping up something in the kitchen.  It's how I learned how to make my fantabulous buttercream frosting.  It's why I learned to make meringue.

It is also the reason I have started taking guitar lessons.

You see, I turn 25 this May and it scares the pants off me.  

Guitar lessons now...climbing Mt. Everest when I turn 40!

(Kidding, Mom.  Kidding.)


  1. Welcome to BLOGWORLD
    which ia a lot of fun.
    Buster says hi!

  2. Guitar lessons....that's awesome. I took piano lessons for the first time at 44....ummm don't ask me to play anything right now. You can get back to me on this...umm later! Have a great week. Susan

  3. Sorry to hear about your impending bout with old age,looking forward to the early news, bedtime at 9:00 pm and jello with fruit or shaved carrots on top as the highlight of our week are we?

    Switch the wine and whiskey for Geritol shots and you are there!!!

    I am sending up a DVD disc of PDF's of guitar tablature, ez strum, play along and music scores I have accumulated over the years. Full books that were all scanned over the years -(yes this is legal if for educational purposes) everybody from the Black Keys and Beatles to Country Funk Blues Punk Emo and Screamo and Happy Go Lucky Strummy Dave Mathews Jack Johnsony types - should be something in there to help play the old age blues away