Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve

The clock had just struck midnight and "Auld Lang Syne" was playing on my laptop.  Amy has mentioned each year that she always wanted to know the words.  So I pulled up a YouTube video that displayed the words.  As we clinked glasses and sang along, fireworks sounded outside.

In a flurry we threw on our shoes and coats.  Halfway outside Amy turned, "Are you coming?"

"One second!" My hand wrapped around the Maker's Mark bottle and we headed down the stairs.

"Ooooh...I like your thinking!"

I smiled and took a sip as we ran down the stairs desperate to catch the last of the fireworks.  Narrowly we dodged the firecrackers being thrown out a downstairs window from some new neighbors.  We walked a few more feet and hopped up on a park bench overlooking the river.

To the southeast there was a large fireworks display.  And houses all along the river shot off their own.  The colors bounced off the water.  Behind us the firecrackers continued.  It was beautiful.  And odd to be sitting outside without any snow.

I handed the bottle to Amy, "I think this will be a good year."

"Why?"  She took a sip and handed it back to me.

"Because we're starting the year off doing something different.  We've never done this before. "

"So you're saying my house is cursed?"  She laughed.

I gently slapped her shoulder, "No, you goof.  Just this isn't our usual rut.  It's different."  I took a sip and craned my neck to look at the stars.  One last firework went off as I handed Amy the bottle.

This year would be different because it already started out beautifully.

 I was at home.
With my best friend.
Drinking whiskey.
Watching fireworks.

Monday, January 2, 2012


So....that was a longer hiatus than I was planning.


I didn't plan it.

It just sort of happened.

But...I'M BACK!