Thursday, March 24, 2011

Excuse Me While I Channel Seth Meyers For A Moment

I know this is kind of out of left field for the whole 8 of you that read my blog, but forgive me for a moment.

I'm watching the news where they're talking about the failed terrorist attack of 2009 in Detroit.  Apparently, the bomber had originally planned to detonate the bomb over Chicago but decided against it because the ticket was too expensive.

Really?  It's not like you're going to live through this so does it matter home much money you spend, really?  This is your main concern - the price?  Not, oh I don't know, getting caught?  Or having the explosives in your underwear start igniting?*

Isn't it worth it to spend every cent you possibly could so you are able to get into heaven (if that's what your belief is), really?

If this is something that you feel morally obligated to do, why is now the time to dicker about prices?  Why not get the best bang for your buck?**  Really?!  

Thank you for allowing me that brief interlude.  And if you're still confused, check this out.

Or just, you know, watch it here:

         This is a response to the Michael Phelps scandal

*Yes, that's true
**And, yes, I actually went there

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  1. really? REALLY!!

    hahahahaha! This made me laugh. Including the exploding underwear visual.