Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I Don't Buy Kitchen Gadgets

I recently bought a food processor.

I had wanted one for quite some time and finally found the perfect one:  red, 10 cups, and under $100!

In the past two days I have made my own hazelnut butter and Nutella (which, seriously, if you have the capability make it yourself - sooooo much better).  Unfortunately, this has "released the hounds" in my culinarily creative part of my brain.

What does this mean?

I have raided my cookbooks.
And magazines.
And the Food Network website.
And any website that mentions recipes ever.

I have found more toys to play with in the kitchen than I know what to do with!

I want tart pans.
I want a pop machine.
I want a kitchen torch.
I want a rice cooker.
I want an ice cream maker.  (Okay, fine.  I've wanted one of these for awhile.)
I want a digital probe oven thermometer.
I want everything in the King Arthur Flour Company catalog.

My kitchen is 8 x 8, so there's not much counter space.  I have enough room for my toaster, microwave, and Keurig coffee machine.  My waffle maker, food processor and blender now live below my stand mixer (which is on an island thingy from Ikea.  So I DO NOT need more gadgets.

But I would totally use a pop machine.

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  1. Seriously. You want make your own soft drinks? Although, now that I've said it, that is kind of a cool idea. Think of the flavors!?!