Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, I took some advice from my mom (yes, Mom, I do periodically listen to you) and thought I'll ask the Universe/God/Powers-That-Be for a nice little surprise today.  Thinking that it might come in the form of something pink.

So I was going about my morning throwing together lunch, getting dressed and making scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I looked at the clock and realized that I had far less time than I had realized.  So I wolfed down my breakfast thinking that it may have tasted a little odd but added it up to eating so quickly.  I skipped out the door in my new (and insanely comfy) $12 shoes form Meijer.

I get to work reminding myself to be on the lookout for a nice little something today.  I eat lunch and come back from my break.  I start filling an order and answering some questions from my coworkers only to start feeling...odd.

You know that feeling: cramping, nausea, slightly warm and clammy.  And in dire need of a bathroom.  Now.

I run back to the bathroom - I might have even punted a kitten and knocked over a little old lady on my way. I realize that I cannot stay at work.  Or, rather, if I do I WILL BE working from the restroom.  Not a good idea.

So I go home.  Which is something I never do.  Migraine?  Pfft, I'll work through it.  Missing a leg?  Please, just get me a tourniquet and I'll be hunky-dory.  Passing out after hitting my elbow (true story, by the way)?  Meh, I'll just regain consciousness and start working again.

But I cannot work through this.  No way.  So I go home.  And drink some rice wine vinegar (don't give me that look - it works) and run to the grocery store and buy some Pepto Bismal.

What do you know.

It worked.

I got my surprise.

And something pink.


  1. hahahahah.....that was a real nice pink surprise. I will ask Ben the "real" story when he gets home!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate that so much. Susan

  2. Hope you feeling better kiddo. And the key to wishing for a little something is to be plentiful with the adjectives! As for eggs, drop 'em in a glass of water. If the egg floats don't eat it! Hugs from your Mum.