Tuesday, May 10, 2011

25 Things I Learned In 25 Years

So, I had my birthday on Saturday.  It was my 25th birthday, as a matter of fact.  In honor of that, I've compiled a list of things I've learned in these 25 years I've spent on the planet.

Without further ado:

1.) That pan that you have in the 500 degree oven really is as hot as you think it is.

2.) If all else fails, turn on Eric Clapton.

3.) Sometimes, clutching your favorite stuffed animal and having a good cry is the only solution.

4.) In the immortal words of my best friend Amy, "We may not be able to drink the pain away, but we can sure as hell numb it."  Especially true when accompanied by a bottle of wine.

5.) People who consider themselves cultural elitists (aka those whose opinion on music/movies/TV is far superior to yours) are closed minded jerks who are missing the true point.  As long as it makes you feel something and brings you joy how can that be bad?

6.) Chocolate can solve all the world's problems.

7.) No matter how big a deal you make out of the major moments in life, the things you'll remember most are the little things.

8.) Nothing beats a midnight run to McDonald's for sweet tea and fries.

9.) Having your heart shattered to bits sucks.

10.) Always make time for shoe shopping.

11.) Bullies are a way of helping you realize your inner strength.

12.) Never try to explain migraines to someone who has never had one.  They think they're just really bad headaches.  They're not.

13.) Find a place (or places) on the planet that you love.  They make bad days/moments/weeks/months/years better knowing that they exist.

14.) Laugh, for chrissakes.

15.) Have a favorite movie.

16.) Listen.

17.) When the world is closing in and you feel like it can't get better: go for a drive.  Turn the radio up as loud as it can go and roll the windows down.  And drive.  Fast.

18.) Always have a favorite baseball team (go Cubs!).

19.) Be able to talk about sports.  Intelligently.  Same goes for politics and current events.

20.) Have fun, dammit.

21.) Donate as much as you can to causes you believe in.

22.) Having a pet makes a new place finally feel like home.

23.) Never underestimate a good creme brulee.

24.) Working with people you get along with is more important than people give it credit for.

25.) Keep discovering who you are.


  1. I love all of this. Well - except for #17. Your mother requests that you not drive as fast as you can. Thank you. :o)

  2. I have to agree with this, except I"ve never had a creme brulee. Perhaps we can go get one next week?

  3. You speak the truth, Amanda!!! Happy Happy belated B'day. Just popped over from your Mom's blog, and I can see that you've got her sense of whit and wisdom! Hugs, Terri

  4. Happy Birthday! I popped over from your mom's blog (I adore her, btw!) and I recognize some of her humor and charm in you...

    My girl just turned 5 on Monday, and if in 20 years she has a list like this in her, I'll be so proud...

    Hope your day was as special as you :D

  5. Just found my way here via your wonderful Mum Kathy and I see you have inherited her wit and talent for super amazing posts! Loved this list, especially #4 :) Anyway, happy belated birthday! Looking forward to following along here.

    Roisin x

  6. Every year you learned something new! Thanks for sharing the list. My experience with life so far is not bad, I just need to pep up my life with something new which I haven't done from years. My one advice to all would be, to do something wild and crazy once in a while , it will make you realize that your still alive!
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  7. You sure are your mother's daughter! Great list.

  8. This makes me miss you...and makes me quite sorry I couldn't make it out for your birthday dinner. :( I hope you had a really fun time!