Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have grown up with musical soundtracks.  By the time most kids were singing "Wheels on the Bus" I was belting out "Music of the Night" in the backseat.  I knew the entire libretto to The Phantom of The Opera.  I was 4.  I also believed that I could walk through my mirror much as the way Christine did.

My full length mirror hung on the wall opposite my door.  I would dress in my "dressing gown" (okay, so it was a robe.  I was 5) and open the door.  I would walk down the hallway and then run and try to leap through my mirror.

I'm not sure if I fully believed I could walk through it.  But I know I tried on a number of occasions.

Let's just say that I had an active imagination.

I still have a fascination with full-length mirrors.  And brown hair (I'm naturally blonde).

I was watching the movie the other night (not the Lon Chaney version, the musical) and realized that my living room is decorated to match.  Seriously.  If I just paused "Masquerade" on my TV it would look like a piece of custom art hanging on my wall.

What do you know.  It kind of does.

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