Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Bottle of Wine, Some Chocolate, and Disney Movies

I got together with my best friend last night.  It was a nice, low key evening.  We grabbed dinner and then bought a bottle of wine, chocolate, and decided to have a mini Disney movie marathon.  It was bliss.

While we were watching Sleeping Beauty, Amy turned to me and said, "Did you ever notice that in these movies the King and Queen usually only have one child?"

I nodded and took a bite of my chocolate, "But isn't that the point of Sleeping Beauty that she was their only child?"

"Yeah, but if you think about it realistically they would've popped out a whole bunch.  Kids died easy then.  You had to have spares."

"Well, she might have sisters."

Amy settled into the couch, "She could have a brother.  After all, Phillip is clearly the heir to Hubert's kingdom so she still would marry well and inherit all that.  Aurora's a princess after all.  They'd still want her taken care of."

"True.  Although it depends on the type of monarchy.  She could still be the heir to the throne in her kingdom and then they'd combine the two for a honking huge one."

Amy nodded and topped off her glass of wine and offered me the bottle.  I topped off my glass and took a sip.  I leaned back to watch the movie enjoying how nice of an evening it was and thinking that it was criminal we hadn't done this sooner.  I popped a caramel in my mouth.

"You do realize," I said when I was done chewing, "we just analyzed the sociopolitical status of a Disney Princess movie."

Amy took a sip of wine and nodded.

"I think there might be something wrong with us."

She grabbed a chocolate, "Not as much as Maleficent.  Why do the villains live in such crap places?"

I laughed and stretched out on the floor, deciding that if there was something wrong with us I really was content to leave it alone.  After all, that's how you know you're best friends - you have crazy conversations and don't judge the other.  In fact you go along.

And, seriously - why do the villains live in such run-down places?


  1. Only you and Amy. I can picture you girls doing this. Grown up Disney...

  2. I love talking about the traits of Disney movies hahaha always good to have conversations like that when you're perfectly content with life :)