Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Driving

So, I drove out to my parents for dinner in the midst of a winter storm.  Watching the weather you would have believed that it was the storm to end all the storms.

Pfft.  Please, it was an awful lot of hullabaloo about nothing.  At least where we were at.  I mean, sure.  There was some blowing snow but as long as you use your brain (you know, the electric jelly located between your ears) it was fine.  Just don't go too fast and you'll make it to your destination all fine and dandy.

Having not driven in winter weather out to where my parents live - in the middle of cornfields - in quite some time I was a tad nervous if I would forget how to drive in the snow.  Honestly, this is one skill that I do not want to get rusty on.  Mostly because I figure that I would remember at some point while almost dying and pull the car over and listen to my heart pound in my ears...baBoombaBoombaBoombaBoom....

I am pleased to say, that it is like riding a bike!  Well, I'm sure it is if I could actually ride a bike.  But, I digress.  And that's another post for another day.  Short of a few rough patches, I made it out there alright.  Sure, I had to go about 35 on a 55 mph road...but in these conditions that's alright!

For those who don't drive out in the country during the winter all that often, roads can kind of be rated on how fast you can go:
55+ : Snow, what snow?
45 - 55: Eh, be a bit cautious, but you're alright
40 - 45: Okay, things are getting a bit dicey...just pay a little more attention
30 - 35: Roads are not great, but just keep both hands on the wheel and you're okay
20 - 25: Holy off, cell phone silent, hands gripping the steering wheel with ninja grip
15 - 20: Mother of're still allowed to drive in this?  Time to start singing "Jesus Take The Wheel"...
10 - 15:  Start praying.  Jesus, Buddha, Brahman....they're all your buddies now!
5 - 10: WHY ARE YOU DRIVING? Park the car, walk home.  It's not worth it.


  1. This post made your mother nervous... Glad you made it home in one piece!

  2. Great! I love the rating scale! Makes me reminiscent of one night back in Kiel when I was driving home from a friend's in a storm. I was driving North and the wind was blowing East/West...terrible snow everywhere in was horrific! Definitely somewhere between 10-20 mph, and I think I distinctly remember thinking exactly that; Mother of're still allowed to drive in this? I was about 17 at the time and driving a tiny little Mazda Mx3 with no weight to it and barely any traction. Woohooo!

  3. Haha the whole thing cracked me up! Susan